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So I’ve been watching a lot of 60s beach films lately and started sketching out The Big Four at the beach. Here with have Hiccup (the only person who came to the beach to research), Jack (“Time to catch some waves and some babes!”), Merida (queen of an all girl biker gang), and Punzie (she just wants to learn to surf under the radar of her super strict madre). I tried to keep to the time period but I’d like to imagine when Jack gets his hair wet it goes back to being how it is in the film.

Here you go. Enjoy. I’m pretty sure every ship can work with this AU. (Also I’m more on my blogspot now: I’ll draw more ideas for this. I want to draw Biker Flynn. And 60s beach Elsa and Anna.


Studio Ghibli 1985-2013. THANK YOU.

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Treasure Planet (2002).

"Just wait until your mother here’s about THIS! Of course, we might downplay the life-threatening parts."

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So I just sat down and drew some Cecil. a lot of Cecil. dork.

But I had so much fun *A*

I wanted to draw Carlos like that too, but got way too tired..Hopefully I will draw him later.

Also I apologize if I heard something he said the wrong way, listening to English is confusing sometimes.

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